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Requirements for obtaining a health care worker visa

Hospitals need an increasing number of health care workers as the older population grows larger. Individuals who wish to obtain a work visa to provide medical services for a U.S. employer must, however, meet specific requirements.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, applicants for a health care worker visa must demonstrate strong English-language skills. They will also need to verify their educational degrees and professional certifications.

The importance of the English test

Applicants for health care work visas must prove an ability to speak, read and write English. Most health care positions require interpreting medical records and prescriptions accurately. To avoid errors and mistakes that could cause harm, an applicant must fully understand English.

Educational requirements

A degree obtained in a foreign country should have the same academic weight as a degree obtained in a U.S. school. Doctors with an advanced degree must provide an academic record to show it matches the educational requirements of a similar U.S. degree.

Evidence of skill qualifications

An applicant with specialized skills, such as a surgeon, must provide reference letters from a current or former employer. The letter serves as proof that the applicant has at least five years of required experience in their field.

Professional license or certification

Individuals with foreign health care licenses or certifications must apply for a U.S. equivalent. Applicants should first learn if they have the educational and skill requirements before taking a certification test.

Without the required education, licensing and certification, an applicant may not obtain a health care employment visa. Individuals who do not have the qualifications to provide health care services, however, may find another type of employment to help them obtain a work visa.