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Work Visas Are Common But Can Still Be Challenging To Obtain

There are many reasons that people come to work in the United States and many reasons that companies pursue talented employees from across the globe, but it often comes down to one simple fact: In this increasingly international business environment, companies need the best resources to keep up.

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At Steven C. Thal, P.A., we guide individuals and businesses across the Midwest through the immigration process. Our focus is on personalized service that accomplishes your business immigration goals efficiently and effectively.

We can assist with a wide range of immigration concerns that affect employers and employees, including:

What is your plan B? When we represent you in an immigration matter, we start by talking with you about your goals. We develop a plan to best meet your objectives, keeping cost and efficiency in mind. In many cases, people have more options than they realize. If your first option isn’t realized, we can pursue a second option or a third. Often, these are options that our clients never considered before speaking with our experienced immigration lawyers.

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