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Temporary Visas For Employment And More

Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States for a temporary stay must first obtain a nonimmigrant visa. The visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to the United States and request permission of the U.S. immigration inspector to enter the country temporarily for business, pleasure, medical treatment or a combination of purposes.

At Steven C. Thal, P.A., in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota, our immigration lawyers have the capacity to obtain nonimmigrant visas for individuals seeking entrance into the United States for a short time. Many of our clients are Minnesota-based businesses wishing to bring employees to the United States for temporary work assignments.

Each case is different, and we obtain many different types of temporary visas for our clients, depending on their needs, including the ones listed below:

  • H-1B professional visas
  • J-1 trainee visas
  • L-1 intracompany managers and executive visas
  • O-1 extraordinary ability visas
  • E-1 treaty trader visas
  • E-2 treaty investor visas
  • P-1 athlete and entertainer visas

Extending Your Stay In The United States

On a nonimmigrant visa, you are permitted to remain in the United States for only a certain amount of time. From a student visa to a travel visa, this time varies depending on which type of nonimmigrant visa you have been granted. If you wish to remain in the United States longer than you originally planned, the lawyers at Steven C. Thal, P.A., may be able to help you extend your stay.

It is important to act quickly, however. With a few, limited exceptions, you must submit an application for an extension of stay before the expiration date listed on your Form I-94, the Arrival-Departure Record you received when you entered the country.

Contact A Minneapolis Area Immigration Attorney About Your Visa

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