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What are some potential benefits of naturalization?

People who are living in the United States with legal residency but not full citizenship should review the potential advantages of becoming a citizen. Removing the burdens attached to temporary residency and utilizing the privileges of citizenship could have several significant implications.

Naturalization offers some key protections and opportunities. Here are a few reasons why you may wish to consider seeking citizenship.

Reduce the possibility of deportation or removal

Naturalization safeguards your legal right to continue residing in the United States. Running afoul of the restrictions or requirements attached to more limited authorizations will no longer be a concern.

Travel with ease

Temporary permission to live in the country can make travel feel somewhat precarious. Re-entry into the country could be problematic for a variety of reasons. You will not have to worry about travel bans affecting non-citizens, and you can time your trips whenever you wish without having to consider when residency credentials expire.

Have continuous authorization to work

After gaining citizenship, you will no longer have to renew work visas. You can apply for new jobs without having to consider the ramifications of your visa status.

Help family gain entry to the country

Your path to naturalization could facilitate residency for the people you care most about. As a citizen, it may be possible to obtain permission for family members who live in another country to enter the United States.

The process of naturalization may be less complex and time-consuming than you might imagine. The benefits that full citizenship offers can have a lasting impact throughout your life in the United States.