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3 situations than can harm your permanent residency

After completing the lengthy process of obtaining your green card, it is important to avoid situations that might harm your hard-earned residency status.

Rather than worrying about the possibility of losing your green card or visa, it is better to become educated on what actions might lead to deportation. You can feel more confident in your residency status by knowing exactly how to avoid revocation.

1. Abandonment of permanent residence

The government will recognize that a person no longer intends to reside in the United States in the event of abandonment of lawful permanent residence. This can occur if you are away from the country for more than six months. Shorter trips will not generally cause any concern.

2. Failure to remove residency conditions based on marriage

Permanent residence status based on marriage is subject to certain conditions for up to two years. Before the conditional period ends, it will be necessary to apply to remove the conditions and provide proof that you did not enter a marriage merely to obtain your green card.

3. Criminal conviction

Committing a criminal offense is solid grounds for deportation. However, you can contest arrests and convictions with help from an immigration lawyer who may help you understand how the accusation will affect your immigration status.

One unfortunate situation can have dire consequences when it comes to maintaining your green card. If you find yourself under circumstances that might affect your permanent residency status, contacting an immigration lawyer could be your best course of action for understanding the options available to you.